We puzzled men are merely dust.

Feel Something. Feel Anything. 

My artwork explores the meaning of life, the universe, and existence. There is beauty at every level in this complex decaying world. The frail and sacred life that we have been given is infinitely mysterious and frightening. Fear makes people feel alive. It breaks the automatic and passive nature in which we operate.  We spend our lives piecing together masks and crowns from broken things hoping to create meaning. We search for the pieces of a broken puzzle--making  the best out of what we've been able to find in the dirt. We cover our blemishes and hide our true selves in order to construct intricate white-washed facades. We have carved ourselves into Grecian statues...

The golden ratio is an elusive prize obtainable only through the hands of the creator. Our imperfections make us beautiful. There is a hole in my chest and I'm dying to fill it with all of the hues unseen. My wilted soul yearns for the return of color... to be transformed by the light of a gold-dusted day.

The wall between the sacred and the secular is falling down.

-Nate Hillyer 2015-